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HTML editors:
So much is said about HTML editors, there are the purists that say "real" coders hand code using Notepad.  If you build a lot of pages or websites as I do Notepad is just to slow.  There is no one perfect editor, each type of editor has it's benefits.

Does a carpenter have only one hammer or saw?  No, so why would a website designer have only one tool.  Use the tools that work best for you.

My choices:

Dreamweaver MX

Top notch professional tool, if you're heavily into website design this should be in your tool box.  Very high learning curve, high price $399.00.

FrontPage 2002

FrontPage gets bashed more than any other editor and for good reason.  In the older versions it would produce horrendous code, but the newer versions, 2000 and 2002 will produce fairly clean code if you know how to use it.  High learning curve, medium price $169.00.

CoffeeCup HTML editor

This has always been one of my favorite editors, easy to use, split screen so you can see your results.  Reasonable learning curve, low price $49.00.  A lot of bang for the buck on this one.

1st Page 2000

Probably the best free editor ever offered, to bad it's not offered by EvrSoft anymore.   To download a copy click on the above link, it will take you to a post on the EvrSoft message board.  Note: if you do download 1st Page you will get a virus warning, it is not actually a virus but a JavaScript loop, it will cause no harm.  Just quarantine it and then delete it.

Note Pad Pro

I've always been a big fan of this editor, easy to use, lots of functions  $19.95.  There is also a free version but it seems to be lacking so many features, it's worth the money for the Pro version.


I haven't used this one but I did check the ratings on it, very popular FREE editor.


This HTML editor provides the usual facility to edit and create HTML files in a convenient tabbed interface. It comes with an assortment of wizards that allow you to quickly create specific HTML features like forms, tables, FREE.


This editor comes with built-in FTP facility, making it possible for you to author your web page and publish it without leaving the editor. It has a spell-checker, an internal browser view mode that is able to show your HTML changes as you type, a global search and replace facility across all open documents, built-in tutorial on HTML.  FREE

Netscape Composer

I have used this a few times for testing, it was very easy to use.  My main complaint was that it did change Java scripting but for a basic HTML page it works fine. FREE

Our online editor

Basic HTML WYSIWYG editor.




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